Upward Bound


What is Upward Bound? 

Upward Bound is a program offered through the University of Colorado at Boulder to freshman, sophomores, and juniors attending various school districts in several states. Tohatchi High School is the only high school in Gallup McKinley County School District that receives services through this program.  

What does Upward Bound offer to students? 

The program provides opportunities for Native American students to prepare for college and achieve success in the pursuit of higher education. Among the services offered to students selected to be a part of the Upward Bound Program are the following: 

  • Academic advising and tutoring 
  • Mentoring 
  • Assistance in preparing for college entrance exams 
  • Monthly stipend 
  • College fairs and tours 
  • Access to laptops and hotspots 

Interested in learning more about this exceptional opportunity?  

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