The Tohatchi High School Library supports learning through information resources, collaboration and expertise


All students in Tohatchi High School will use the library resources to enhance their math, reading and research skills. Students' improvement will be measured by the results in the PARCC.

Computer Usage

- All students using the computers shall be engaged in productive work related to the classes they are taking.

- All internet activity shall further conform to the GMCS Internet Usage Policy which  students and legal guardians received at the beginning of the year.

- All copyright laws need to be observed.

- No software shall be copied onto the network.

- It is further the responsibility of the individual student to keep passwords private. It is imperative that the student logout from the system before leaving the terminal. In addition, it is prohibited to attempt to login to someone else's account.

-Before school and during lunch time students may use the internet for pleasure (social networks, videos, music...) as long as all other school rules are followed. these rules include the prohibition to download software, listening to music or watch videos with inappropriate language and/or images.

-No Food/drinks around the computers.



-There is a workstation exclusively for teachers use ( Computer, printer, scanner) 

- There are 24 desktop computers for teachers to work with their students. Teachers need to supervise their students while in the library. teachers need to reserve the computers in advance.

-Teachers may reserve the audio visual room. Teachers and students may use 16 laptops, the TV and DVD player, LCD projector, MOBI, Document camera and others.

- The computers in the library are for school work only. Do not send students without a specific academic task. Do not use library passes as "reward/free time".

-DO NOT SEND more than two students at a time. If you need more thatn two students to come to the library reserve it for your class. You MUST supervise your students who are visiting the library.

_ Teachers may write passes for students to check in or check out materials from the library at their discretion. The Librarian welcomes anyone who comes to check in/out books.